Order No. 42 issued by the Director of University of Gdansk Library dated … concerning the Regulations applicable at the University Main Library

The following Regulations shall apply pursuant to § 51(1),(7) of the Statute of the University of Gdansk:

Public order and safety rules, principles of community life, and rules of personal culture have to be abided by in the Library. In particular, Library Users are obliged to maintain calm, not to disturb other Users, or use the Library facilities contrary to their purpose. Librarians and security officers are entitled to request Users to follow such principles and, if reasonable, refuse the right to stay at the Library to Users who violate these Regulations, the Regulations of Access to UG Library Collection or other rules of law. They may also request Users to leave the building of the UG Library forthwith.

I. Users are obliged:

1. to leave their outdoor clothing as well as briefcases, rucksacks, and bags sized larger than 20x30x7cm in the cloakroom or in lockers. Readers who use the reading room of the Special Collection Department are obliged to leave any and all bags and suitcases, regardless of their size, in the cloakroom;

2. to follow applicable rules of law, including Order No. 40 of the Director of the UG Library concerning the use of lockers, in particular to empty lockers every day before the Library is closed and to have a coin (PLN 2) or a suitable token;

3. to keep quiet in the Library;

4. not to distract other Users of the Library and use it only according to its purpose;

5. set their mobile phone and other electronic devices in the silent mode in the whole area of the Library, exclusive of the hall on the ground floor;

6. to be familiar with current information provided to the Users and concerning the rules of using the collections and services of the Library;

7. to handle collections and equipment of the Library with care, and to maintain the required cleanliness of their hands and clothes;

8. to submit for inspection any books carried out of the Library as well as the content of their bags upon request of a security officer; and

9. to follow instructions and requests of the Library and security personnel and to treat them with respect.

10. The above Regulations shall apply also to students who attend classes, trainings, workshops, etc. at the University Library.

II. Prohibitions

1. Users are not allowed to behave in a manner that may be inconvenient for other Users or in a way that hinders or prevents the Library from fulfilling its statutory duties resulting from the Library Law. Such behaviour may include having loud conversations, listening to personal players aloud, eating or using mobile phones, moving or hiding books and magazines from other Users or conducting other activities for which the Library building is not designated.

2. Persons who do not use the Library collection are not allowed to stay in the Library building.

3. The Library areas cannot be used for any activities that prevent or hinder the fulfilment of its mission by the Library.

4. No actions are allowed that cause the destruction of library materials. No photocopying is allowed.

5. No photos or videos of the building (including its interior) are allowed, other than commemorative photos taken for private use, without prior written consent of the Library Director.

6. No food or drinks (other than still water) can be brought into the Library.

7. No smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking any intoxicants is permitted in the Library.

8. Intoxicated or drunk persons or persons who do not follow the principles of personal hygiene shall be allowed into the building.

9. It is prohibited to move tables, armchairs, and chairs.

10. Feet cannot be supported on furniture or railing. It is not allowed to block passages, e.g. on the stairs or between bookshelves.

11. Users are not allowed to leave their personal property unattended (the Library cannot be held liable for any such property).

12. Users are not allowed to hinder the use of the Library by other Users by taking any actions that are contrary to its purpose or behaving in a manner that is inconvenient for others, in particular with noisy or aggressive behaviour or expressing personal opinions, convictions, or believes.

13. Persons who violate the prohibitions set forth herein shall be requested to leave the Library by the University security service (University Guards).

14. If a person requested to leave the area of the University, in particular the Library, refuses to do so, it shall be considered as the violation of the domestic peace and shall entitle the Library to call the Police and submit an application for penal liability. Such rights shall be held by the person authorised by the Vice-Chancellor in the case of the violation of public order or other crimes or offences committed by a User of the Library or other Library premises.

III. The Library provides:

a. freedom in the access to its collections and in organising the working conditions as needed by the Users;

b. friendly and professional services of its personnel, including information duties of librarians, and on agreed dates – library inductions, trainings, and visits to the Library building;

c. a varied offer of services in the electronic scientific information;

d. reservations of rooms, individual working rooms, and team working rooms according to internal regulations; and

e. the presence of security personnel at the Library.

This Order shall come into effect when announced.

of the University of Gdansk Library
Grażyna Jaśkowiak



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