The Main Library

Computer Terminals in all Reading Rooms at the Main Library of the University of Gdańsk: access to the Internet is limited to the following: the Library website(the library online catalogue), the University of Gdańsk website,the digital libraries and to all licensed databases and electronic periodicals subscribed by the Library.

The bases of links can be expanded. Registered Patrons of the Library are welcome to suggest librarians other useful databases, websites and services for teaching and education. After the verification the new website will be available in 1 – 2 workdays.

The computers are equipped with OpenOffice (Base, Calc, Draw, Impress, Math, Writer).

Patrons who are using the Library computers are obligated to put their names down in the Library Visitor's Book and present ID document to librarians.

Priority in access to the computers connected to the Internet have the academic staff and students of the University of Gdańsk.

Attention !

In the Reading Rooms on each floors datas which are saved on computers' disks are regularly cleaned during the workday. If Patron creates on these computers files – should save it on his own personal data carriers (e.g. USB Drivers).

In case of Patron doesn't have any personal data carriers should use computers in the Reference and Information Reading Room (ground floor) where datas are removed after closing the Library.

In Specialised Libraries about the access to the computers and Internet please ask librarians.

Wi-Fi access is available in the following Libraries: the Main Library, the Economic Library, the Human Sciences Library and the Law Library of the Univeristy of Gdańsk

Access to Wi-Fi is only for EDUROAM (education roaming) participants.

More information about EDUROAM Service: